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History of the Belgian Pug Dog Club

In November 1982, a small group of pug lovers including some breeders got together and decided to start the Belgian Pug Dog Club. Mrs Ingrid Mylemans was elected president. She accepted this responsibility as long as a welfare division would be created and would be part of the club from the very beginning. 

To be registered with the Royal Club Saint Hubert, the club had to give a copy of the club’s internal functioning rules. Not only it complied with this request but the committee worked on a document: rues of good practice to be followed by its future members.

A few months later in 1983, the Belgian Pug Dog Club was accepted by URSH.


It is obvious that during a period of 25 years there would have been changes in the committee. Circumstances of life made some members leave the committee.

For instance two founding members of our committee Marie Thérèse and Jacques Tilkin were some of the very active members. Jacques’ sudden death was a real loss to the club and he was greatly missed.

His wife, Marie Thérèse who could not drive still got involved in the welfare, keeping the welfare store until Baudouin Lamaille took over. Marie Thérèse and Baudouin found a roof for pugs in need. Some of these welfare cases never left Marie Thérèse or Baudouin’s home.

Baudouin had to resign due to a serious illness. During a number of years, Ingrid Mylemans kept herself the welfare shop (the profit being transferred to the welfare account). She did this with the help of volunteers for setting up the stall and for selling the pug objects.

Now with the help of his wife Brigitte; Sammy Baert is responsible for the welfare shop.Maggie Pardaens was the secretary, the bulletin editor as well as its lay out and the catalogue of the club match. Having to face some illness problems, she kept trying to do her duties until the club found in Thérèse De Bruyn a new secretary.

Thérèse did her best but had to resign not long after accepting the post and Ingrid Verheyden who had already proved her ability as secretary to the French Bulldog club was kind enough to take over this task. She managed to also take the responsibility of editing the bulletin.

She was very pleased when she was relieved of this last duty by Brigitte Baert. Brigitte even offered the club to become member recruiting agent. Frans Van Looy has been our treasurer for a long time and during the club activities we can always count on his wife Josée’s help. Sammy was busy with the organisation of our activities with the help of Peter Van Neck, our cup steward.

Peter always made sure that the club’s trophies rewarding the winners of dog shows were some of the best.
Our website was started by Luc Vangeel and Betty his wife had the gift to produce some beautiful artefacts for the welfare shop. In 2007, Stephen Bogaert (BOGAERTNET) became the new web master and designed a completely new site for our 25th anniversary in 2008.

Doctor Mylemans has always been the head responsible for the welfare. Of course he gets the help of every committee member and friends of the pug. At the present, he can count on Greet Weyns’ help and her husband Patrick Huybrechts.

Patrick is our actual cup steward. Sammy and Patrick are now both organising the club activities.In 2007, at the request of Ingrid Mylemans, Brigitte was elected with 100 % vote vice president. She has kept her task of bulletin editor and member recruiting agent.

The lay out of the bulletin, the newsletters, the club match catalogue is done by Greet who really makes a very good job of it. Luc Vangeel became secretary a.i. and Stefaan van Poeck assistant treasurer a.i.. Notwithstanding these two persons decided to resign from the committee.

Maggie Pardaens resumed her activities as secretary.The Belgian Pug Dog Club is also very grateful to volunteer members who are helping the club.The number of our members keeps increasing.This is a summary of 25 years. And with the years going by it will have to be amended from time to time.