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Mediation pugs

Do you wish to have a puppy?

Once you have decided to have a pug as a companion, make sure to find a reliable and good breeder.

It wouldn’t be wise to contact an unknown breeder, even worse to buy from the commercial circuit (breeders earning their living on pugs).

It’s the club’s task to play a mediation role in the sale and purchase of pugs and this in favor of the puppies, the breeders, as well as the interested and potential buyers.

Are you interested? You may end up on a waiting list. The club will inform you on the breeders expecting or having a litter. You might even have a chance of reserving a puppy before it’s even born. You are expected to show the necessary commitment and to make the requested traveling. But know it’s all worth it.

Don’t think it’s easy to buy a good pug at all times or when you have decided to get one. It all takes time and really needs to be well considered.
Good breeders will be picky and will pay great attention to having their puppies finding a good home.
Experienced breeders will assist you with good advice right from the beginning and throughout the pug’s life.

For additional information, contact 
Mrs. Ingrid Mylemans.
tel: +32(0)53 42.84.67
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regulation on pup mediation.

1. Pup mediation is free for all B.P.D.C. members.

2. Breeders need to respect the code of honor of the B.P.D.C.

3. Breeders need to send a litter notification to the secretary within 15 days of the birth of the puppies. Note that foreign breeders need to send a copy of the litter form/birth notification to the secretary.

4. Also inform us on the following details:
- Color of the puppies
- Way of delivery
- Qualifications of the parents

5. When one or more of the above is not respected, mediation by the B.P.D.C. is not permitted.

please inform the secretary when all puppies are reserved as, therefore, it’s no longer needed to forward you candidate buyers.