Championship Clubshow with CAC, 2022

Dear members, dear Pug lovers, dear Pugs, 

The BPDC Championship Show will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2022. We have been able to book the spacious hall: “Edele Brabant” Strijlandstraat 57, B-1755 Gooik. Judging starts at 10 AM. In 2022, we invited the Dutch Judge, Mrs. Sluiter Birgit.

Mrs. Ingrid Sluiter introduces herself:
“My name is Birgit Sluiter. In 1978 I got my first purebred dog: a Basset Hound. Later, the Bloodhounds were added. My first Pug was Empereur Napoleon Stephanie (Steffie), bred by the Jansen family. A lovely tough lady with a beautiful pedigree. 

Under the kennel name "Brittyard's", which has been in existence since 1988, I have bred Basset Hounds and Pugs. When breeding with Pugs I was mainly interested in Scandinavian and English bloodlines. Many Brittyard's Pugs have become champions. We were also often present at the BPDC and Brittyard's Jasmine and Brittyard's Wizard once won the Club Championship. 

I have been a judge for over 10 years. Started with Basset Hounds, then Bloodhounds and Pugs. I am now also authorized for 7 other short faced breeds from breed group 9, and I am also a judge of the entire group 6. Besides the Championship Clubmatch of the Dutch Pug Club, I have judged Pug Club Championships in three other countries. 

I consider it an honour to judge the Club Championship of the Belgian Pug Dog Club and I am looking forward to a good registration. 

I will definitely enjoy it a lot!” 

Closing date for your entry: Sunday, September 11, 2022!

If you have not received a message confirming your registration before the closing date, please contact the secretarial office as quickly as possible!
If you need more information, please contact our committee.

We do hope to welcome many exhibitors with lovely Pugs to our BPDC Club Championship. We look forward to a nice day and wish all participants the best of luck!

The committee
Ingrid, Brigitte, Sammy, Mary, Linda, André, Gunther and Guy.

Gift: one carpet with pug design for every signed-up pug!

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Championshipclubshow with CAC 2022 / Entrees close: 11-09-2022

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The obtained qualification (minimum Good) at our Championship Show counts towards the Certificate of Conformity to the breed standard of the KMSH!

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Only for Pugs never exhibited, but for the clubshow registered in another class.

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Gift: for every Pug registered and present, 1 carpet with pug image.
The amount can be deposited into the account of the B.P.D.C.
IBAN: BE24 0680 9551 7038
Mr M. Mr André De Bruyn Terlostraat 30, B-1755 Gooik.

Exceptionally for this year, a Belgian fries shop will be installed outside the hall “Edele Brabant”, so that our attendees can enjoy Belgian fries and/or fritters!

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